AVMA Workshops provide a valuable learning experience that empowers Attendees to couple confidence with diligence!


With the advancement of technology, many churches/organizations have upgraded their worship experience to include visual affects such as video presentations, video streaming, and even lighting (especially used in special performances and events). AVMAs Visual Workshops consists of two parts: (1.) Video and (2.) Lighting.  Get instruction and tips from the pros in video recording, editing, and web streaming!   Find out how to use light to enhance your worship services!  And for those special occasions, learn how to maximize stage presence through special effects!  A little imagination—with expert tips—goes a long way!


Having several religious organizations as Houser Audio clients, the need for a better overall sound quality in most Worship Houses became apparent: the need for better sound clarity; the need to understand how to use and optimize equipment; the need to eliminate “hums” and feedback (which seems to be an accepted “norm” for many parishioners); and the need to understand how to increase sound volume without increasing the “noise”.  AVMA’s Audio Workshop addresses popular sound dilemmas and issues with an approach to sound that gets the job done assertively and efficiently—even during troubleshooting!


Don't just read about it and talk about it--be about it!  The AVMA Theater is where it all comes together!  It's here that attendees get to appreciate and test their understanding and new-found knowledge!  AVMA’s unique expos create real life simulations, allowing attendees firsthand and hands-on interaction with each Vendor and their products!

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