Houser Audio introduced the AVMA Workshops especially to educate AV Ministry Technicians.  Having several religious organizations as Houser Audio clients, the need for a better overall sound experience in most Houses of Worship became apparent: the need for better sound clarity; the need to understand how to use and optimize equipment; the need to eliminate “hums” and feedback (which seemed to be an accepted “norm” for most parishioners); and the need to understand how to increase sound volume without increasing the “noise”. 

With the advancement of technology, many churches/organizations have also upgraded their worship experience to include special visual affects such as video presentations and video streaming, and even lighting (especially used in special performances and events).  Accordingly, AVMA was expanded to encompass challenges in these areas as well!

AVMA instructors have traveled the world working with several entertainers and legends from various genres.  The range of experience  includes live and recorded program broadcasting with major television networks, CD and DVD recording with major record labels, and the production of such major events as high profile award shows, private events, and major conferences.  During AVMA Workshops, these top industry professionals convert their knowledge and experience to easy-to-understand lessons and applications for use by AVMA Members!  Each workshop yields a valuable learning experience for the novice and experienced technician alike! 

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